Health & Environmental Solutions Network

Sustainable Management of Air, Water, Soil and Built Environments

Health, Safety & Environmental professionals, providing practical solutions for Government, Business and Industry for more than 15 years

Commercial consultation and concept design, site layout, premises fit-out, licencing, compliance for the food sector, personal appearance services, corporate and SME office environments, housing – small communities, specialist disability accommodation, special needs accessibility, ecologically sustainable small communities and villages, waste facility assessments – landfills, and transfer station management.


Inspection programs, dwellings, work environments, offices, factories and shops, to ensure maintenance of healthy environments for the occupants.

“Our wellbeing is underpinned by clean water, air, food and environments.”


Monitoring of environmental standards to ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks. We are concerned with the maintenance and improvement of both the natural and built environments, to protect and maintain environmental values.

“Liveable communities protected from maufacturing and industry pollutants.”


Individuals and communities are entitled to live, work and visit safe and healthy environments. We provide dwelling, workplace, built recreational, and natural environmental inspections and safety assessments.

“Ensuring public safety requires regular risk assessments.”

Solution Focused Consultation

The network utilises the expertise of credentialed professionals to get your project from broad concept design through to completion.

We recognise your important goals without compromising core values by adopting principles of purpose, social, environmental, and financial sustainability into every project.

This concept is often referred to as Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) development and reporting.

This is roughly how much forest is cleared everyday

14, 226 Hectares

Waste Facility Remediation

Organisational Aims

  • Value – Define, create, deliver
  • Creativity – Ideas, create, inspire innovation
  • Customers – Listen, understand, respond
  • Safety – Everybody, everywhere, always
  • Participation – Activate, collaborate, grow teams
  • Quality – Service, products, communication
  • Environment – Observe, enhance, protect
  • Health – Physical, environment, culture
  • Accountability – Identify issues, report findings, solve problems

Clean air, clean water, safe built environments, natural flora and fauna diversity. Managed through a sustainable risk management approach.

HESN - Consultancy


Environmental Protection – impact assessment, stormwater, erosion control, landfills, recycling, infrastructure expansion and operations, site remediation, rehabilitation, waste to energy, and solar power.

Environmental Health – public safety, workplace, home, food water, and air.

Documentation services – Risk Management Plan (RMP), Corrective Action Plans (CAP) Disaster Management Plan (DMP), Site Operational Plan (SOP), Site Based Management Plan (SBMP) Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Safety Plan (SP)

Solution Focused Consultation

Experienced Environmental Health Practitioners, providing training and consultancy to manage public health, environmental management, acoustics, food safety, occupational health and safety, accessibility, waste management, environmental protection, pollution control, wellbeing, housing and infection control. ​

We help government, businesses and people improve their productivity, wellbeing, and work environments, and provide financial solutions as required so they are effective and function at peak performance.

This involves teaching, coaching, and working with people to motivate them to do more than they believe they can, we have found over the years many employees work at 40 to 60% efficiency. We don’t believe this is enough for our technologically advanced and rapidly changing environments. When we get the culture right and the team engaged and motivated they easily work at 80% plus efficiency and some will work at 110% because they are emotionally involved in making a difference with what they do.

To successfully do this we help individuals to understand how their mind works best when their environment and biological needs for their body are being satisfied each day so that they can regain their health, increase their energy levels, and return to, or maintain their ideal weight naturally. This results in improved mental attitude, and a heightened efficiency which makes them more effective within their work teams.

We deliver continuous thought process improvement for governments, businesses, and individuals in rapidly changing environments. We get results, innovate, and motivate to develop people to implement cost-effective solutions. Our goal – lead and mentor individuals within teams to achieve organisational key performance outcomes.

Connect so we can work together to improve lives and work environments. Effective management is not about managing things, it is about leading, motivating, and inspiring people.

Environmental Health Practice

Environmental health practitioners ensure that the places where people live, eat and work are safe and hygienic. Qualifications in Health Science, Environmental Health, Public Safety and Workplace Training, Emergency Management.​
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